Sitalakshmi Girls Hr Sec School Tirunagar,Celebrated 75th Independence day at Gandhi Museum Madurai which was led by the Secretary Mrs.Poornima Venkatesh.The School Secretary unfurled the flag along with Mr.Annamalai the former Editor of The Hindu and Mr.Ramalingam and also with the Parade of NCC Cadets. They Paid Tribute to Mahathma Gandhi Asthi Peedam. The Guest arrived for the programme Mr.Nanda Rao, Secretary of Gandhi Museum,Mrs.Meenakshi, the Heir of Sudhanandha Bharathi and Mr.Santhanam the Heir of V.O.C. Mr.P.R.Viswanath, the founder of “Wish to Help” and Mrs.V.Karthiga devi,Social activist were Honoured in the programme.The Headmistress Mrs.P.Nirmala Kumari welcomed the gathering.
Many Cultural Programmes were presented by the students. Along with the Cultural
programmes the National Flag Formation was beautifully done by the students. With
the support of the Teachers and the students, the programme came to an end with the
National Anthem and the distribution of Saplings to the Students and the Public who
were presented there.