Why are board examinations so terrifying? They can be intimidating because they are a one-off, make-it-or-fail-it test. The stress and anxiety of preparing for an exam can get to your mind, undermining months of study and hard work. That all changed today. If you’d like to learn how to ace your board exams, stay tuned as we unlock tips handed to us from the
best school in Madurai for Girls. Turn your hard work into high marks, and gain the confidence to reach the heights that we know you can. Take a look


1.Keep improving by beating yourself

If you are here today it means you want to learn how to be better. But the secret to success in exams lies not in competing with others but you trying to be a better version of yourself

What percentages are you averaging today? Take note of that and then write down where you’d like to be by the next test. Ideally, you want to break this down into subject percentages as well as an overall percentage. Have a table that looks something like this: 

  • Physics 
  • Chemistry
  • Math 
  • All the way down to your total overall score

In addition to helping you aim higher, this will also give you a good picture of your weak points that need polishing up. 

2.Don’t underestimate your Syllabus book.

Do you have reference books that you rely on to prepare for your board exams? That’s great. But don’t use these learning materials alone at the expense of your syllabus books. Sitalakshmi school, the top girls school in Madurai, was kind enough to share its secret to success with us. 

While they do encourage learners to expand their horizons in terms of seeking out knowledge, core syllabus books remain the leading light all the way. And that’s why the school consistently churns out amazing academic performances in Board exams. Don’t get us wrong. We have nothing against reference books, but we advise that you don’t forget your syllabus book. 

3.Channel more attention to your weak points

If you’ve made that table we were talking about earlier, then you already have a good idea about your weak points. Most students tend to spend time further reinforcing their strengths because they possibly find it easier to understand and have a greater passion for these subjects. While weak subjects go unattended as they probably don’t like this very much.

But that’s not the way to go about it. In fact, if you’re overly good at a subject, try sharing some of its time with another that you struggle with. Here’s to work on your weak subjects: 

  • Look over your class tests and pre-board answer sheets
  • See where and how you went wrong
  • Take note and correct these mistakes so you never repeat them

5.watch your time 

Board exams are crucially about two things: what you know and how fast you can convey that which you know. So it doesn’t matter if you know the answer to every question, if you don’t complete all the questions, then you won’t score as highly as you hope.

So you need to work on your test time management skills, and here are a few ways to do just that: 

  • Imitate test scenarios with timed practice sessions so you can work on your speed. Take a past paper, and try to complete it about 30 minutes before time.
  • Skim through before you start writing. Focus on questions you’re familiar with, get those out of the way, so you can spare enough time to deal with trick questions

6.Practice with past years’ papers

Before you go out of your way to get a reference book, ensure you have copies of past tips tucked away in your desk. And we’re not just talking about the past year’s board exam paper. Far from it. You need to go as far back as you can. In fact, one higher secondary school for girls we talked to recommends going as far as 10 years back. 

Advisably, don’t jump directly to the answers available. Imagine you’re doing the test for the first time. Trying solving each question and only peek at the answers when you’re stuck. This way, you’ll build your problem-solving while getting a feel of how straightforward questions are often twisted to look anything but. 


7.Work on your tidiness

Want to get over 90% on your board exam? Then you should know that the small details such as the legibility of your handwriting may also just carry as much weight as what you know. So write: 

  • Clearly
  • Concisely 
  • With sufficient spacing
  • Without contractions

There’s a false notion that your answers need to be lengthy or feature “big” words to get high marks, but that’s not true at all. Try to be as clear as possible without beating about the bush. Also, don’t write over other words to ensure readability.  


8.Get enough rest the night before

We understand it can be quite an anxious period preparing for your board exam. But if you don’t get your beauty sleep, then your mind won’t be at its sharpest when you need it the most. Your logical thinking skills will be impaired, and you may even forget what you already know due to fatigue. 

So don’t overstudy the night prior to the exam. If anything, teachers from the best girls higher secondary school in Madurai recommend you avoid last-minute rushes at all costs. Plan out your study in advance, so the last day is just about jogging your memory. 

You’ve got this!

Sometimes your greatest enemy can be yourself. We understand that board exams can be the most nerve-wracking time of your life. Even students from the best girls school in Madurai can sometimes buckle under the pressure and fail, not because they haven’t prepared well enough but simply because they let the pressure get to their heads. So, if you’re feeling anxious, be sure to talk to a teacher or family member about your test anxiety. Also, don’t skimp on sleep, and try letting off some steam with exercise. If you found this article useful, be sure to share it with your friends to help them prepare. Visit the Sitalakshmi website for more details.